Some rare items owned by the late Tupac Shakur are about to go on sale.

TMZ reports that three notebooks of Tupac's lyrics and ideas as well as a couple of CDs containing unreleased music are going to be sold to the highest bidder.

The memorabilia was found in a fluky way as the current owner obtained them while searching for baseball cards on Craigslist. The seller apparently had these Tupac items as his dad worked with the rapper for years. For whatever reason, these items were thrown into the sale.

The new owner is selling the items through a website called Moments in Time. This was the same site that sold Tupac's handwritten notes from prison for $255,000. It appears that these newly discovered items will go for a high price too as the two pages of notes for Tupac's "Point the Finga" music video are expected to go for at least $35,000.

According to TMZ, Tupac's relatives are trying to block the sale of the items. The late rapper's mother, Afeni Shakur, has a policy of pursuing any buyers and sellers of her son's personal items.

In other Tupac news, the long discussed biopic of the Death Row rapper appears to be making some progress. New director Benny Boom recently spoke about his goals for the film.

"What I hope this film will mean to the masses, I hope it will shed some light on Tupac’s story, the humanity of Tupac and bring clarity to the folklore that has become Tupac," Benny Boom told XXL. "I think that what he represents, his image and all of those things mean very different things to very different people. To the kids in the struggle, he means one thing. To women, he’s like the ultimate sex symbol of hip-hop. To those activists who are [about] Black Lives Matter and those organizations, you can still pull things from Tupac lyrics that are messages of things that are happening today. He just means so much. This is why a film is being made about him. He wasn’t just a rapper."

For more information on the Tupac film, read XXL's entire interview with Benny Boom.

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