I always  wanted to be on a TV game show that I was able to win money for the correct answers. Shows like ,Deal or no Deal, Price is Right, Family Feud all seem like the a great and easy way to cash out big right ? The only thing is that I probably get nervous or to excited and say the wrong answer and then the chance of winning goes does the drown just like that.

Well that is the last thing on Rensselaer County native Melissa Grega's mind as she will be one of the contestant's on this Monday October 7th show. After a successful Wheel mobile event up in Saratoga a few weeks ago , Melissa will now be competing for a large lump sum of money on Monday. If she wins Grega stated she will use the money to travel and live her best life, and you know what if I was in her shoes I would do the same thing. For more of the story check 

If you could be on a TV game show for a chance to win money what would it be?

'Wheel Of Fortune' Celebrity Week - TV Show
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

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