One day after sending shots at Casanova, Troy Ave has just sent a few more at Joe Budden in his new track, "Press Spray." On the diss song, Troy accuses Budden of being a drug addict, a groupie, a woman-beater and being disloyal to him in his time of need.

He starts things off by simply dissing Budden's music, rapping, "Man this shit wack like a Budden track." From there, he gets much, much more personal.

"You a drug addict and a bitch-beater/Rap podcaster and a dick-eater," Troy raps in a quick-fire first verse. Throughout the rest of the song, Troy criticizes Budden for allegedly abandoning him once he was shot.

According to Troy, the two had been homies, but for whatever reason, Budden apparently didn't visit him in the hospital as he recovered from his bullet wounds. The end of the song features a segment of a famous Tupac interview where the Me Against the World artist talks about being "done in" by the people closest to him and fear being "stronger than love."

"Press Spray" appears on Troy Ave's recently released street album, NuPac, which you can stream here. You can listen to the Joe Budden diss and check out the tracklist for Troy's new project below.

Troy Ave's NuPac Tracklist

1. "Nupac Intro" [Prod. By Jamal Hall, Trilogy & Troy Ave]
2. "Demonstrate_God Is Great" [Prod. By Trilogy]
3. "I Ain't Mad At Cha" [Prod. By Trilogy]
4. "Fight 4 My Life_Word Word" [Prod. By Shemonluster_Quablab Productions Inc.]
5. "Level 2 Orientation" [Prod. By Troy Ave]
6. "Press Spray" [Prod. By Troy Ave & Trilogy]
7. "Jail House_Im Home" [Prod. By Trilogy]
8. "Truth Be Told_PSA" [Prod. By Trilogy & Troy Ave]
9. "Never Switch" [Prod. By Rubi Rosa]
10. "How It Go" [Prod. By Trilogy]
11. "Praise Pays" (Feat. Jamila Irish) [Prod. By Troy Ave, Trilogy & Jemell Hill]
12. "Tonight"
13. "Don't 4 Get Who You Are" [Prod. By Yankee & Trilogy]

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