Trey Songz was arrested in New York in August of last year, accused of assault for allegedly smacking a woman in the face with U.S. bills at a strip club. It was undetermined if the woman who claimed she got smacked with the cash was an exotic dancer or not. However, despite an official investigation, the authorities could not prove that Songz actually did what he was accused of.

Last summer, a woman at Perfection, a gentleman's club in Queens, claimed that the singer, 28, threw money in her face, which caused "substantial pain to her left eye," according to TMZ.

While local officials looked into the incident, they determined that they couldn't prove that the singer did anything illegal, so he is off the hook. Case dismissed.

The D.A.'s office in Queens did say that the reason they 86ed the case was because there was "no clear case of misconduct. There was just no high level of recklessness."

It seems money used in such a fashion doesn't constitute a weapon. So while Trey may have very well flashed the cash in her face, officials didn't think he was trying to blind her or put her eye out.

Plus, we've seen worse. Like when the crews of Chris Brown and Drake engaged in an epic bottle battle in NYC last June, which we're still talking about.

Songz's most recent album, 'Chapter V,' came out last August, right around the time of this incident.