Trey Songz was released from the Detroit Detention Center yesterday (Dec. 29) on $25,000 bond.

The singer had a meltdown on Dec. 28, after a Detroit venue cut his sound because he'd gone over the allotted time during his "Big Show at the Joe" concert, and began destroying stage equipment. Officers rushed the stage, and according to the Detroit prosecutor, Trey struck an officer in the head, causing him to be taken to the hospital with a concussion. Trey was charged with assaulting a police officer and causing injury as well as aggravated assault.

Apparently Trey's brief stint in in the detention center did much to improve his mood. According to inmates, he was super cool, signing autographs and even delivering a rendition of "Silent Night." Once released, the singer even took the time to briefly pose with fans, though he avoided contact with the media—going as far as to brush off a reporter asking for a statement because he was taking a photo with a fan.

Trey is set to appear in court on January 5. Check out footage of his release below.


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