Trae Tha Truth is never shy about sharing his candid thoughts on topics, whether they may be controversial or unpopular, and he's delivering some more opinions for XXL's latest edition of Views.

The Hometown Hero rapper sits down with XXL to express his honest thoughts on different topics, starting off with philanthropy in hip-hop, which he is heavily involved in himself. While Trae does a lot of work out in the field, he says that he doesn't want to push anyone to do something if it isn't coming from a genuine place.

"Philanthropy in hip-hop... it's important," he explains. "I'm one of the people that I don't believe in telling people what they should or shouldn't do because I feel like if it's genuine it'll all work out how it's supposed to. It's a lot of people doing a lot of amazing things. Of course you know that one of the people I hold in high regard, next to myself of course, is my brother T.I., Chance The Rapper... it's so many people. I don't want to go to naming names because then you might've forgot people, but it's so many people out there doing their thing."

The Houston native also speaks on Meek Mill's legal case, showing his support for the currently-incarcerated rapper.

"As far as the situation with Meek, I mean it's definitely an eye-opener to show the world that some people who are in a place of authority as far as the judge, sometimes people can abuse that. I think with him, there's been people that have done way worse crimes and have been way quicker and may have been given a pat on the wrist. I think the legal system is trying to make an example out of him and I don't necessarily feel that's fair because they're also looking at Meek Mill the rapper, they're not looking at him as the father and a lot of the people he take care of... I'm definitely in full support of whatever he need and we stand with him."

Trae also talks about President Trump's latest immigration crackdown in the interview, which he heavily disagrees with.

Watch Trae Tha Truth's full Views segment in the video below.

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