Will Smith just dropped of a jewel of a story on his YouTube page for his STORYTIME series about that one time that he met Michael Jackson, thanks to... Suge Knight?

It was at the BET Awards back in the day, and Will was pining to meet his "idol," MJ the entire time. He finally gets a chance to do so, thanks to Suge Knight and a clueless security guard, and proceeds to talk to MJ about Ralph Tresvant and comic books. Seriously, just watch the hilarious clip. Here are our four best takeaways.

1. MJ must've really loved comic books. A few minutes into the closet convo and MJ is already asking Will about comic books? He even had a Fantastic Four first edition, according to Will, whose MJ impression is impressive.

2. So... Mike was in the closet the entire time, just being silent? Will talks about being shoved into a closet because of some panicked situation caused by the notorious Suge Knight. But here's the thing: he's in the closet for a good minute before Mike alerts him that he's been in there with him the entire time, greeting a surprised Will with a simple, "Hey."

3. Suge Knight is crazy AF. "He's still in jail right?"— Will Smith

4. MJ was an advice guru. We've all heard stories from Usher and other celebrities about how Mike would call and check in on them, and offer support. But Will Smith's story really makes The Gloved One seem very in touch, especially when he calls out what ails Suge Knight. "Suge's always tripping. All that success and he can't figure out how to be happy." Well, alrighty MJ.

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