When basketball season arrives you want to make sure you find the best places to catch the game - here are our favorite five places to go in the Albany area. Get ready for March Madness in the 518!

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    The Stadium

    Saratoga Springs

    Good atmosphere, very spacious, lots of TV's including one huge screen in the back for a highlight match up - visible from any table in the restaurant

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    Albany, NY

    Tough to miss any of the action. The perimeter is practically wallpapered with big, high quality TVs. The option to sit and dine, sit at the bar, or float around with a drink in your hand is also a plus.

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    Colonie, NY

    Decent beer selection, great wings (the option to get all drumsticks is a nice touch) and the fun atmosphere make this a top 3 spot to check out college ball or any sporting event. They eye candy also gives ya something to peep when you're game is in the middle of a time out (VA VA VOOM).

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Clifton Park, NY

    This place gets crazy busy for big games. The atmosphere isn't for you if you're claustrophobic. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious, though. It's the perfect spot to catch a game with your buddies or family.

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    Wolf's 1-11

    Colonie, NY

    It's hard to top Wolf's. It all starts with the service. They have a top notch staff. Good beer selection, a ton of space to float or post up, and a ton of TVs. TVs at the bar, TVs in the dining room, TVs in the game room (yes, game room). The game room is the best in town. What's better than schooling your homeboy in bank shot basketball or air hockey during half time? If you're there with your fellas - earn some tickets and bring your girl home a stuffed animal... She might let ya go out with your friends more often. #winning