Tokyo Jetz is the latest rapper to reveal she has contracted the coronavirus.

The Florida rhymer shared the news about her health diagnosis on Saturday (June 27). In a video clip posted to Twitter, she can be seen getting a mobile COVID-19 test. She captioned the short video, "Ima just go back inside ."

She later revealed what caused her to get the test in the first place. "So I cooked crabs yesterday and all morning I was like, 'They been sitting they finna be so good' home and can’t even taste shit!!!!" she tweeted, citing a common symptom of the coronavirus.

"I can taste stuff at the back of my throat but not on my tongue," she added. "All day I been like 'y’all don’t smell that bleach'.... when in reality no one does and I can’t smell anything...Luckily we broke my fever under 100 but it was 101.3...Mind you...the nigga who did my test said 'oh u sick fa sho..u don’t need a test.'"

She later spelled out her symptoms for an inquisitive Twitter follower. "Fever 101.3, Body aches, Chills, No taste, Can’t smell, Sore throat, Cough," she posted.

Luckily, it sounds like she is on the road to recovery. Responding to a fan who was upset that people were joking about the rapper's diagnosis, she replied, "Good thing idgaf. They better pray they can recover as fast as me & don’t have underlying health issues."

The Stimulus Package rapper recently made the headlines for a tasteless joke about the killing of George Floyd, a Black man murdered by police officers in Minneapolis, Minn. She has since offered a heartfelt apology.

Tokyo Jetz joins a growing list of rappers who have tested positive for the virus including YNW Melly, Slim Thug, Scarface and more.

See Tokyo Jetz's tweets about contracting the coronavirus below.

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