It’s time to step it up! Veteran hitmaker Timbaland has partnered with Ne-Yo for a dance track that should heat things up this summer. Their new song ‘Hands in the Air,’ will appear on the upcoming soundtrack for the new dance movie ‘Step Up Revolution.’

It sounds as if Timbo is getting into the dance-pop, Euro-dance music craze that so many artists are adopting now, for better or for worst. Having said that, ‘Hands in the Air’ is a sure-fire club song with Timbaland demanding that everyone stand on chairs and wave their hands in the air. This sounds kind of dangerous to us, but we digress. Meanwhile, Ne-Yo provides his soft falsetto warning partygoers not to fall while shaking their booties on the dance floor.

The song also marks the first time that Timbaland and Ne-Yo have worked together, and, hopefully, it won’t be their last. In addition to ‘Hands in the Air,’ Jennifer Lopez‘s dance tune ‘Goin’ In‘ featuring Flo Rida will appear on the soundtrack, as well.

If you love dance music, then throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!

The ‘Step Up Revolution’ soundtrack will hit stores on July 17 with the movie of the same name dancing into theaters on July 27.

Listen to Timbaland, ‘Hands in the Air’ Featuring Ne-Yo