Thousands of jobs are coming to Saratoga County because there are plans to build another semi-conductor fabrication plant in Malta. GlobalFoundries announced that it will begin building the plant at its Fab 8 campus. This project will bring thousands of jobs with the construction and infrastructure of the plant according to CBS 6 News.

Back in April, GlobalFoundries made a big announcement that they would be closing their west coast hub and making Malta its main headquarters. This move alone was bringing more jobs into Saratoga County and in turn, boosting the economy of the entire Capital Region. Now that the semiconductors will be manufactured in the United States, it allows the country to compete with manufacturers overseas. With this latest announcement, it is apparent that GlobalFoundries must expand to accommodate the need for manufacturing.

With the expansion of the Malta Fab 8 plant, there will be thousands of construction and infrastructure jobs added. This will also boost the economy and businesses in Malta, Saratoga County, and the greater Capital Region. GlobalFoundries said that it expects to spend nearly one billion dollars on the project that will build out the entire facility in Malta.

Not only will it build the economy in and around the Malta plant, but it will also help to double the output of the chips that are being manufactured there. GlobalFoundries will be the leader in chip manufacturing with this semi-conductor fabrication plant right out of Malta, NY.

I am excited about the expansion of Global Foundries and bringing many more jobs to the area. I just hope in doing so they don't have to build more roundabouts in that area. I don't think that Malta can handle any more. I know I can't navigate them as it is.

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