Leave it to the Weeknd to get us hyped up for the Labor Day festivities with the release of his party-centric video for 'King of the Fall.'

Now this isn't a raging house party. Abel highlights a chilled out vibe with red cups and red-lit vibes, all in the company of some fine females. The singer, sporting an aquamarine-and-black North Face, isn't in a rush to join the celebration; he'd rather walk the streets alone from morning until night, arriving in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class when the spirit moves him.

Just like his recently released visual for 'Often,' the women get up close and personal with one another here, putting on quite a show for the guys. The Weeknd encourages a good time for all on the DaHeala-produced track but there's one thing he makes sure to point out: "If you ain't complimenting, you offending."

Watch the Canadian crooner hit the streets.