Nick Santonastasso, whose zombie antics and pranks have gone viral on Vine, scored his biggest coup yet.

He teamed up with Andrew Lincoln of 'The Walking Dead' and the show's special effects guru Greg Nicotero to prank series star Norman Reedus.

Reedus is used to dealing with zombies on the AMC show -- but in real life and in a controlled setting that he is not aware about? Not so much!

The calculated stunt was carried out during a promo tour in Tokyo.

Santonastasso, a New Jersey native, is 17. He is simply amazing, since he was born with Hanhart syndrome, leaving him with one arm and no legs, but nothing dampens his spirit or deters his will to pull off hilarious zombie pranks. He dons zombie makeup and scares unsuspecting strangers for fun! This was his biggest scare of all, since his victim is famous and traffics in the zombie trade.

Reedus was one of those unsuspecting "strangers" and while seated in a hotel room to do promo for the show, Santonastasso scared the bejesus out of him by leaping out from under a room service cart. You've gotta watch -- it's hilar!

Reedus was certainly scared and a good sport about the whole thing.

And it was the ultimate score for Nick!