Hollywood considers it "the Citizen Kane of bad movies." To know it, is to be baffled by it's existence. What was supposed to be a dark, brooding, Tennessee-Williams-esque human drama turned into cinema's most uproarious unintentional comedy.

In the almost 20 years since its release, The Room has developed a true cult following - even picking up its own Rocky Horror Picture Show type audience participation at screenings. Now you can live that magic at Proctor's this Thursday with one of the film's stars, Greg Sestero, thanks to It Came From Schenectady.

You're My Favorite Customer

Sestero's memoir about the filming of The Room and his friendship with the movie's wild and eccentric director/writer/producer/lead/visionary, Tommy Wiseau, was later turned into a Golden Globe winning, Academy Award nominated movie - The Disaster Artist.

You won't see The Disaster Artist this Thursday, though. Greg Sestero will be screening The Room along with his new film and directorial debut, Miracle Valley. It's Sestero's love letter to '70s horror flicks, with an Albany connection.

Sestero called into 103.9 The Breeze's Cameron in the Morning to talk the new film, The Room's enduring legacy, his original screenplay for a Home Alone sequel, and Thursday's double feature.

Greg Sestero Live! featuring The Room and Miracle Valley

Proctor's GE Theater
Presented by It Came From Schenectady
Thursday, September 1 at 7pm
Info and Tickets

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