Don’t get too attached to that cute mailbox that looks like a miniature replica of your home. It might be better suited for firewood sooner than later. The US Postal Service has been losing billions of dollars year after year. There’s a possibility that their door-to-door service could be eliminated as early as 2022.

The alternative plan is to start implementing a group delivery system, much like you see at a lot of community and complex living areas. This would eliminate the door-to-door method of deliver, allowing the Postal Service to deliver mail to more residents in less time.

The plan isn’t exactly bulletproof. In urban areas, the population is so dense that you’d have to knock buildings, trees or houses down to make room for the delivery box.

The Postal Service is currently trying to save money by any means necessary. This follows a decision made by the Senate last year that encouraged the USPS to cut costs for two years, rather than eliminate mail deliveries on Saturdays.

If you want to speed up deliveries, I have a suggestion. Can’t we outlaw the penny savers, insurance company sign-up forms and auto dealers from sending piles of junk being sent to “RESIDENT” each week?? They make great kindling in the winter, yes, but they usually go from the mailbox straight to the trash every day. Such a waste of time (for mail delivery persons) and paper.