Even though both were in their heyday before my time, I was always more of a “Brady Bunch” guy than “Partridge Family.” This story justifies my position perfectly! I always knew that S.O.B. David Cassidy was a lush!

The 70’s kid-actor was arrested in Schodack for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. Ironically enough, he was arrested by a man who shares a name with another big name from Cassidy’s prime, Tom Jones.

The 63-year-old spends a good amount of time in Saratoga at the track. A Facebook user claims he trains horses, but “owns” horses is probably more accurate. The arrest was made when Cassidy attempted to skirt through an overnight DWI check point.

Cassidy has been on the business end of DWI charges before. He served a year of probation and 6 month license suspension for a DUI charge in Florida back in 2011.