I give Albany Empire head coach Tom Menas a ton of credit for getting his team to the Championship game of the NAL and coming through with the victory. Menas came in at the last minute and had to assemble his team very quickly,  block out the distractions and put a winning product on the field. The ramifications from Covid-19 when the season began didn’t help, but Menas has proven himself to be a very good head coach, who lead the Empire to another championship and is not done. Listen above to hear his plans for the future with this team.

If the Mets are going to win the NL East, they will need to do it without Jacob deGrom. The best pitcher in baseball can’t seem to overcome his injuries, and that’s means Noah Syndergaard better rise to the occasion in a hurry. He’s the one pitcher who can save the season for the Mets. Without deGrom, Syndergaard can lead the way, like no other starter can. His recovery has been way behind schedule but it’s almost September and the Mets desperately need him.
Running back Dion Lewis had a great 10 year run in the NFL and he leaves with a Super  Bowl ring from the New England Patriots, and he had a chance play for the New York Giants. It doesn’t get much better than that for the Albany native who also a great college career at Pitt. There have been very few players from Albany who enjoyed the success Lewis had at playing at the highest level. He leaves under his own terms, and a career that Dion can be awfully proud of.

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