The Game is facing a new lawsuit over an alleged fake tour overseas.

According to a report from the Daily Mail on Wednesday (May 26), the Compton rapper has been hit with a $500,000 lawsuit, ordering that he pay that amount in damages stemming from a tour in Australia that never happened in 2017.

Apparently, Justice Sarah Derrington ruled that Game, born Jayceon Taylor, and his agent, Cash Jones, are responsible for the seven-city tour being canceled and have to cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to Australian tour promoters Tour Squad.

The Game and Jones have reportedly been ordered to pay $478,119.73 in damages, in addition to $78,508.08 in interest, plus court costs incurred by the tour company.

About four years ago, the Born 2 Rap rhymer was expected to hit the stage in five Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Apparently, negotiations for after-parties and shows in Canberra and Cairns were still being sorted out.

Things went awry when The Game and his crew pulled out of the trek after Tour Squad rejected the rapper and his team's request to receive $3.21 million for a documentary they wanted to film.

The judge noted that the tour negotiations were mostly done via text message or WhatsApp, allowing for there to be no paper trail pertaining to any alterations to their agreement.

Additionally, the outlet reports that tour negotiations were delayed because of Game's fees for each show, which apparently increased from $32,1000 to $51,340. The same went for his after-party costs, which were $19,250.

The Game also requested to bring a 15-person entourage on the tour.

The judge added that the behavior of all individuals involved in the lawsuit was inappropriate as the tour company and reps for The Game both made attempts to "influence the court." The rep for the Tour Squad allegedly went as far as contacting the judge's chamber to find out when a judgement would be given in an attempt to provide new information for their case.

The Game is facing legal issues in the U.S. as well. Last May, Priscilla Rainey, the woman who accused the rapper of sexual assault in 2016, and won a judgment of $7.1 million years later, accused the 41-year-old artist of transferring some of his assets to his manager, Wack 100, to avoid paying her.

At the time, Rainey's judgment had increased to $7.2 million because The Game had yet to pay. It's unclear what the current judgement amount is.

XXL has reached out to a rep for The Game for a comment on this matter.

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