It's the middle of April, and we're one weekend into the 2022 MLB season. Naturally, it's time to start talking about end-of-season awards!

All kidding aside, with the meteoric rise of online sports wagering in the state of New York, placing a futures bet is a fun way for sports fans to add a bit of incentive to a given season. Now that we're fully embroiled in the MLB season, here are some of the futures that you can place a bet on for the New York teams.

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First, you have the team odds. These are the odds for where a team can finish in the standings, and how far they will advance into the playoffs. You can bet on where the Yankees, and the Mets, will finish in the AL and NL East standings, respectively. You can also bet on them to win their respective pennants, and of course, the World Series.

Then, we have the player award props. These are broken down into three award categories for both leagues: MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year. All players are ranked against one another, so each New York team may not have the player with the best odds to win a given award.

With that being said, here are the New York players with the best odds to win a player award this season, and the odds for both teams to win the division, and the World Series, in 2022. Hopefully, there's a line in here that's worth placing a bet on for baseball fans in the Capital Region.

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