Black Wall Street

was the prominent Greenwood area in Tulsa, OK. This was home to over 600 African American businesses and a successful black community. This all came to an end in 1921 with the Tulsa race riots, this attack burned the majority of the town to the ground.

This race riot also marks the first air born attack, where the local government decided to throw dynamite from airplanes to destroy the town. This sounds crazy but actually happened in order to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the bombing on Black Wall Street. Black businesses from all over the Capital Region, large and small alike will once again be showcasing their businesses to local shoppers and investors.

Black business experts will also be facilitating workshops and presentations. There will also be performances from local artists, as well as food and refreshments to be purchased.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with black business owners in the Capital region. Come to the Albany Community Charter School (65 Krank St., Albany ) this Saturday and learn, socialize, and shop in the spirit of Black Wall Street