9/13/16 Marked the 20th Anniversary of the tragic shooting death of Tupac Amuru Shakur June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996.  He was murdered in Las Vegas and his death still remains unsolved to this day. 

We celebrated Tupac's life and music in the The #FREEMIX here is the #FREEMIX for you downloading and listening pleasure make sure you subscribe to The Supreme Experience on iTunes to get new mixes automatically added to your playlist.

- All Eyez On Me
- How Do You Want It
- Toss It Up
- To Live And Die In LA
- Ambitions As A Rider
- Keep Your Head Up
- Brendas Got A Baby
- Play Your Cards Right
- Dear Mama
- I Aint Mad At Cha
- Are You Still Down
- California Love
- Do For Love