You know what they say: records are meant to be broken.

This statement is especially true in sports, as when an athlete sets a record in a sport, it becomes the target of every other athlete competing against them. Whether it's the most home runs, touchdowns, goals or three-pointers, every athlete wants to stand above the rest.

Some records, however, aren't nearly as easy to achieve.

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In every professional sport, there are a few records that are regarded as unbreakable.  Those are the records that, no matter how many years an athlete may play their sport, they still won't have a prayer of reaching this high-water mark.

There are a few reasons for why a record is considered unbreakable. One common one is because sports change as years go by, and the game may be played differently than it was in past generations. A prime example is the longevity of pitchers in baseball. Pitchers don't pitch as many innings, or as many games, as they did in decades past, which makes certain pitching records unattainable for modern players.

Given that New York has had a number of elite professional athletes, naturally, there are a few records that are held by New York athletes, that likely won't be taken away from them.

So, we took a look at some of the most unbreakable records in sports, and found a few that are currently held by athletes that played part of their careers in New York. Here are ten examples of those records, and what makes each of them so special.

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