Do you know where your teen is? Hopefully, they are not hanging out with their friends stealing cars, which is allegedly what these teens were doing.

According to WNYT Albany, a teenager was arrested in connection with a multi-county high-speed chase. State police charged a 16-year-old juvenile for criminal possession of stolen property. The chase started in Columbia County and ended in Albany. Police say the vehicle was stolen in the town of Canaan and the 16-year-old was the driver. The driver crashed in the city of Albany. The passenger, who was also a teen, is reported to have been injured.

I know it's nothing new for teenagers to get into mischievous activities but I'm sure leading police on a high-speed chase wasn't on their to-do list for the day.

As for myself, once upon a time so long ago when I was 16, I wouldn't dare think about stealing a car, let alone running from the police.

Many of these teens are misguided and/or simply fall into the wrong crowd. In this case, it's fortunate that no one was seriously hurt. Situations like this could easily take a turn for the worst. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call for the teens and they learned their lesson. Most likely they'll be charged as juveniles or get a bunch of hours doing community service. They need to be taught responsibility and accountability.

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