Hate crimes are on the rise all across the country and the Capital Region is no different. People are committing hate crimes like its 1917 again. Here is the latest example from CBS Albany.

Chief Joseph Belardo says the teen is charged with multiple felonies including Arson, Burglary, Criminal Mischief, and 7 counts of Reckless Endangerment

He says they're not releasing his identity because he is a juvenile. Right now, police say the boy is not known to the family who lives here and they do not have a motive for his alleged crimes which include spray painting a swastika and a racial slur on a family's garage, then setting it on fire.

Despite his personal property and home being damaged by a fire for no other reason than someone hating him for no reason the homeowner seemed to be in good spirits about the incident.

The homeowner, LaQuan Madison, who lives with his wife and their 5 young children, says he is trying to explain to them why anyone would do something like this - and how to cope with it.

"I teach them that you don't have to hate anybody, we're not always going to have the same ideologies or the same beliefs. However, if I allow something to get to me, then whoever wants to harm me already won," Madison said.

It’s troubling that you have teens in this country committing hate crimes. The generation of people who would’ve committed these types of hateful acts and got away with it should be in there 70’s by now. Its sad that they have passed their hateful mindset on to their great grandchildren. What should be the teens punishment for this type of crime ?

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