Remember Felicia Smith, the Texas teacher who was fired for giving a 15-year-old a lap dance? She was recently in court and pleaded guilty. Here is how the school lap dance went down, according to the court affidavit:

Smith “grabbed a chair and placed it next to her desk,” investigators reported. With music playing, Smith sat on the teen’s lap “with her buttocks making contact with his penis while she began to move back and forth.” Smith also “fondled him with her hands by touching him all over his body.” Cops noted that the assorted contact caused the boy to “have an erected penis.”

During a police interview, the teenager admitted that he “slapped Ms. Smith buttocks a few times.” At the dance’s conclusion, Smith “got on her two knees and placed her head between” the boy’s legs, police charged. As she hugged the birthday boy, Smith said, “I love you baby, Happy Birthday.”

Who told this woman this was a good idea? This sounds like a horrible idea and I'm sure someone else suggested for her to do the lap dance.

That person is probably nowhere to be found or even worse she got the idea to perform a lap dance from the students...she should've known better. I'm sure this woman wants to put this all behind her .... no pun intended.