T-Pain's first album is titled Rappa Ternt Sanga, but, aside from a few remixes over the years, he's rarely given his rapping side the shine it might deserve. Taking a break from appearing on new tracks, the Florida artist served everyone a reminder of his rapping background during a recent role-playing rap battle that was posted onto YouTube. You can see T-Pain, who assumes the mantle of Stevie Wonder in a verbal jousting match against Wonder Woman, in the video above.

In the surprisingly good battle, the person playing Wonder Woman delivers a few hard-hitting few punchlines at T-Pain's Stevie Wonder. In her first verse, Wonder Woman raps, "My rhymes are signed, sealed and delivered on time/You a bald has-been, I'm in my Amazon Prime." It's at this point that you realize that both rappers--or the producers responsible for this vid--had no intentions of putting up a half-assed video that got views only for its novelty. No, both Stevie and Wonder Woman spazz.

Not to be out-done, "Stevie" hits back with some sharp and incisive take-downs of the Wonder Woman's mythology. "Because you're miss independent or at least you try," T-Pain spits at the beginning of his first verse. "But your first story is you running off with a guy." Yikes. Neither T-Pain nor Wonder Woman pull any punches, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

This rap battle is featured on a new comedy album titled, Epic Rap Battles of History. You can check that out here.

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