There is a dream job out there that could pay you ten grand. A hotel chain is looking for someone to travel the country and take sunset pictures. Here's how to apply for this amazing gig. According to a Cosmo article, Days Inn hotel chain is looking for an aspiring photographer to travel across the country and take sunset pictures at each stop. The candidate will take photos of the sun for one month and their pictures will ultimately be used as artwork to hang in their hotels.

The Days Inn "Sun-Tern" will travel all expenses paid by the hotel chain and after completion of the job, their photos will be used as art in the hotels. Oh and you will receive $10,000.

You just have to be a U.S. resident and at least 21 years old. You must also be able to be free for an entire month this summer. To apply to be the "Sun-Tern", go to by May 20th. Submit your best original outdoor photo and one hundred words on why you should get the job.

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