A little more than one year since opening up their retail store in Saratoga County, owners of the popular coffee spot are pulling the plug on their retail store.

Deathwish Coffee, known for its highly caffeinated brews and snarky 'tudes, is a huge hit with residents throughout the Capital Region and beyond who crave a little kick of caffeine in the morning.

And through the years, Deathwish's clever marketing team and innovative ownership created a fiercely loyal fan base, and the makers of "The World's Strongest Coffee" brand decided to branch out, opening up a retail store at 260 Broadway in Saratoga Springs last summer that housed coffee products and Deathwish merch.

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Now Closed! Death Wish Coffee's retail store, seen here on Broadway in Saratoga Springs

So, what's the deal with the Deathwish Coffee retail store located in the heart of Saratoga Springs?

In a message posted to a Saratoga County Facebook group, a Deathwish representative responded to a query about the retail store after a photo appeared online stating that they'd been closed.

Photo: What's Going On Saratoga Facebook Group
The note from Deathwish Coffee on the doors of their retail store in Saratoga County

It's safe to assume that Covid had something to do with the decision, but management has not publicly stated "why" their closing.

Some insight into the decision came from Nicole Marie, a member of "The Official Death Wish Coffee Company Community" who wrote on the Facebook page:

Hey all - We are closing our Saratoga retail store location. We enjoyed meeting many of you over the last year that traveled near and far. We are always excited to meet our community out in the real world and if you will be in Saratoga this fall please come see us at the truck at Saratoga Performing Arts Center Live Nation concerts (sampling coffee, offering freebies, and always having fun). Of course, we will continue to offer coffee and merch exclusives on deathwishcoffee.com.


Mugs up and as always, thanks for your support!

What a Google search of Deathwish Coffee Retailers turns up online


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