Remember the days when it seemed like every rapper was representing their favorite sports team with one of those shiny Starter jackets?

From Run-DMC and Nas to Diddy and Ma$e, rappers from the '80s and '90s loved wearing their Starter jackets -- even if they always seemed to be way too big for them. The love for this type of outerwear was so strong that they were mentioned in a number of songs.

Nas refers to the jackets in 'Hope,' off 2009's 'Hip Hop Is Dead.' "Starter Jacket, Blue Georgetown or Green Celtic / Your girl's too expensive, she wants shellfish," he raps.

Meanwhile Twista used the clothing as detail in his song, 'Stories.' "Would have our new Starter jackets filled with bullet holes/ That's how it goes," he rhymes.

But if there's anyone who really showed his love for Starter gear, it was Lil Wayne, who in 'La La La' says "I used to have the Starter jacket with the logo/ And the hat, me, myself had the N-O / That's the Saints n----."

With all this love for the jackets, it's good to know that the fad that seemed to disappear years ago is back. Thanks to former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks and Iconix Brand Group president, Seth Horowitz, who bought Starter in 2007, the jackets will be hitting the market in time for the 2013 NFL Season.

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