Hip-Hop Reacts
Drake, Meek Mill, Quavo and more remember President Obama's time in office following his farewell address
Twista opens up about his new album, 'Dark Horse,' hip-hop in 2014 and the rising talent coming out of Chi-town.
Download Or Delete
The worlds fastest rapper Twista is back with a new single featuring Tia London.  Twista is doing it for the ladies on this it is called "It's Yours."  If you can figure out what the "It" is then you will definitely like this song.  Let us know…
Fashion Throwback
Remember the days when it seemed like every rapper was representing their favorite sports team with one of those shiny Starter jackets?
Twista Droppin’ New Music
The Chi Town native Twista is at it again. Known for being one of the fastest rappers in the world, Twista has been in the game for over two decades. His newest “Reloaded mixtape” is set to drop Sept 4th.