Warmer temperatures are not only a welcome sign of Spring and Summer, but could also slow the spread of COVID-19.

Like flu season, could warmer temperatures mark the end of the coronavirus. That remains to be seen but research is pointing to warmer temperatures and higher humidity being factors that slow the virus down according to a CNYCentral report.

CNYCentral says Researchers did studies in several Chinese cities in January and found that "...high temperatures and high humidity significantly reduced the transmission of this virus." Why is this? Once the weather warms up we are in close quarters as much which can help the spread of flu like virus, plus cold dry air is more conducive to virus being spread through droplets after a sneeze or cough.

So keep taking precautions as you social distance, and hopefully we will have a nice, warm early Spring to help put COVID-19 to bed. That would be another nice springtime development along with the warmer weather.

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