Halloween will be here before you know it and spooky things are already happening around the Capital Region. The Times Union is reporting that a woman’s remains were found in the crawl space of a home in East Greenbush. Yikes!

Police are looking for evidence to determine the woman’s identity. It may sound like the prologue of a cheesy ghost story, but it gets better. Police are curious to find out if the death could be linked to a woman who disappeared in 1938. Her husband allegedly moved to Nazi-controlled Germany shortly after. Check out the TU article for the full story.

Whether the bones belong to that woman or someone else, it’s still “crap your pants” scary. Maybe I watch too many paranormal investigation shows, but my ass would be outta there! Hell, even some old chicken bones would scare me enough to move out.

The ghost busters may not be “afraid of no ghost,” but I sure is!