After dominating social media and radio with his bold claim that he's the forefather of the current rap generation, Soulja Boy is leveling up with a new deal.

On Thursday (Jan. 31), Soulja jumped onto his Instagram account to announce that he’s signed with Warner/Chappell Music, a music publishing division of Warner. "It’s official I’m now signed to Warner/Chappell I’m the hottest rapper in the game facts," Soulja wrote in the caption for his post, which includes photos and videos that document his signing.

In one of the photos in the post, the rapper is seen putting his signature on the dotted line with what appear to be several record executives around him. There are also five bottles of champagne on the table. In a video included in the post, we can see Soulja celebrating his new deal by popping a bottle.

This signing just marks just another entry into what's been an eventful 2019 for Soulja. In his memorable interview with The Breakfast Club, the 28-year-old artist said that he influenced Drake, 6ix9ine and Kanye West.

In a recent interview on L.A.'s 92.3's radio show Big Boy's Neighborhood, Soulja bragged that he created the model for artists to get big on streaming platforms.

“I’m a legend, bruh. I put all of these artists on,” he boasted. “I set the blueprint, If it wasn’t for me there wouldn’t be no Apple Music, Spotify, none of that. All of those streaming services is based behind Soulja Boy and the blueprint that I set.”

Check out Soulja Boy signing with Warner/Chappell below.

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