Meek Mill thought he was in for more trouble when cops pulled his car over in Jamaica. However, it turns out, the police just wanted to be fans like the rest of the world.

The rapper was down in Kingston earlier this week with his team, and as they were leaving the city in their car, officers stopped them. In what might've been a move to cover himself in the event he was hit with some charges, the Philadelphia rapper began recording at this point the interaction. He was surprised to find out that all they wanted was a picture! Meek later shared the moment on his Instagram Story.

"You're trying to take a picture, mon?" Meek asked the cops in a Jamaican accent while laughing. "I'm fucked up! Y'all pulled us over and y'all said y'all want a picture, mon? Y'all scared us! We're scared of police! We thought we were getting locked up!"

Of course, Meek is no stranger to the criminal justice system, so, naturally, he's maybe a bit fearful when it comes to his interactions with law enforcement. In fact, he's had so many struggles with the system, the Pennsylvania Senate just passed a bill that was inspired by the rapper's highly-publicized battle with probation

The story surrounding that probation seemingly climaxed when Meek was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violations of a probation he was sentenced to all the way back in 2009.

This news comes after Meek launched a criminal justice reform organization alongside the likes of Van Jones, Jay-Z, Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin and more. Collectively, the owners have pledged about $50 million to launch the organization, which is called Reform Alliance.

Check out the video of cops pulling up on Meek in Jamaica below.

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