UPDATE: After reading XXL's tweet about his new album being finished, Juice Wrld quote-tweeted XXL's tweet with the story and confirmed that his new project is done.


Juice Wrld's new album is done. In an Instagram story he posted Tuesday (Jan. 29), the Chicago-bred rapper announced that the follow-up to his debut LP Goodbye & Good Riddance is ready to drop.

"Oh and the album done too bitch. 999 til infinity let ya mama know," Juice said in his IG story.

Although details surrounding the project's release are scarce, it feels safe to say that Juice's pal Ski Mask The Slump God will be on it. Before the end of 2018, Ski Mask confirmed to XXL that his Evil Twins joint project with Juice is set to drop this year. The two rappers served up a preview of what Evil Twins might sound like when Ski Mask dropped off their first collab "Nuketown" in November. The two rappers were also seen in the studio together earlier this month. With their plans to drop a project and their recent studio session in mind, it feels safe to say Ski will appear on Juice's new LP.

Juice Wrld's announcement comes as he deals with legal turmoil stemming from his 2018 song "Lean Wit Me." As previously reported by TMZ, Juice and the song's producer Nick Mira are being accused of ripping off the beat from 16-year-old, Colorado-based producer Jerome Willisch. Willisch alleges that "Lean Wit Me" uses the “essential beat and foundation” of his song “Ice.” After Willisch asked a judge to put an injunction on Juice Wrld's song, Mira vehemently denied the allegations.

"I created Juice's 'Lean Wit Me' beat from scratch—I played the guitar live in the beat, I programmed the drums and then I sent the beat for Juice to record to and make the song, just like how we always do," Mira said in a statement. "He, Sidepce, and I have have a good working relationship—we’ve been working together for a few years now. And if anyone has doubts that I didn’t create the beat for 'Lean Wit Me' from scratch, I made a video on our Internet Money YouTube channel breaking it down.”

Check out Juice Wrld's post about his next album below.


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