Months before his tragic death, XXXTentacion learned that his girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez was pregnant with their son. One day after the birth of X's son Gekyume Onfroy on Saturday night (Jan. 26), we got a bit of insight into how the rapper reacted to the news that his girlfriend was pregnant.

On Sunday night (Jan. 27), X's trusted producer John Cunningham conducted a Reddit AMA Q&A session and, at one point during the session, he revealed that X actually wrote a song about his girlfriend being pregnant with Gekyume.

Cunningham's revelation came after one Redditor wrote, "What was Jah's reaction to finding out about the pregnancy." Cunningham responded by saying that X "wrote a song about it."

In responses to Cunningham's answer, people asked if the song about the pregnancy was finished, or if it would be released. Thus far, Cunningham hasn't supplied an answer.

Cunningham first began working with X right around the time the rapper began recording his first official studio album 17. From there, the two began working together extensively, and Cunningham ended up executive-producing X's album. 

Elsewhere during the AMA session, Cunningham revealed that the last time he talked to X was through a FaceTime session. He also offered up some details on X's incomplete, unreleased Bad Vibes Forever album. He says the LP will feature a mix of finished songs and tracks that were completed after X's death.

Responding to a fan's question about the sort of songs that would be on BVF, Cunningham wrote, "Yes it will have completed songs and yes it will include things that were finished after he passed but like I’ve always stressed if I do anything to a song now it’s because we talked about those songs. Question when you talk about lost songs what songs are you talking about?"

In another portion of the XXX subreddit, one Redditor uploaded a video of XXXTentacion's father giving a special shoutout to Gekyume, who is officially his new grandchild.

Check out Cunningham's comments about X's song dedicated to his girlfriend's pregnancy for yourself below. See video of X's father sending his love to Gekyume beneath that.


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