There's no doubt that this has been a Solange-filled weekend, as everyone from fans to celebrities and newcomers are gushing over her beautiful new album, A Seat At The Table, which was released on Friday (Sept. 30).

Now, two instant favorites from the album have video treatments—"Cranes In the Sky" and "Don't Touch My Hair"—and in true Solange fashion, they're avant-guard and gorgeous. Both videos were directed by Solange and her husband, Alan Ferguson, and show the singer/songwriter's flare for fashion, art and dance.

"We put soooo much love into these and I hope they make you proud," Solange said of the visuals on Instagram.

"Don't Touch My Hair" also features an appearance from Sampha, who also is on the song. The visuals drive home the point of the stellar album—they're feminine, forward-leaning and a celebration of blackness and creativity.

On “Cranes In the Sky,” an easy standout on the project, defined by Saadiq’s lazy, rolling bass line and slow strings, Solange’s lyrics are forthright and poetic.

“I tried to drink it away/I tried to put one in the air/I tried to dance it away/I tried to change it with my hair,” she sings. “I tried to work it away/But that just made me even sadder,” she adds before admitting her pain is like “cranes in the sky” or “metal clouds.”

Meanwhile, the cultural relevance of "Don't Touch My Hair" is exemplified through Solange's calm warning. “Don’t touch my soul," she  instructs, “when it’s the rhythm I know.”

Watch "Cranes In the Sky" above and "Don't Touch My Hair" below.


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