With over 20 years in the game, Snoop Dogg is way past getting involved in any feuds but the Long Beach legend still made sure to throw some shade at internet personality Whoa Vicky after she insulted him on social media.

Snoop recorded himself chilling post-workout and called Vicky a "funky, dog-haired white bitch." The rapper then expressed his disbelief that Vicky would diss him, saying, "Can't believe you said something about me. I'ma leave it alone though, 'cause you don't know no better. And them goofball-ass niggas you got with you, they don't know no better either."

Snoop then sent out a threat, saying, "That's why I'm in the gym, so I can fuck one of y'all up on sight," but quickly revealed he was only joking. "Nah, I'm just playin'," the MC added before letting out a laugh.

The Make America Crip Again artist also gave a shout out to Childish Gambino and J. Cole for their recent work, saying, "Oh my God, what has hip-hop come to? Shout out to Childish Gambino for 'This Is America' and J. Cole for putting out some real shit, 'cause there's so much garbage in the world... Punk bitch! Catch me outside, ho."

In Vicky's original video, the internet personality can be seen with two other men, waving guns around and insulting Snoop. "Fuck you Snoop Dogg," Vicky says, calling Snoop old and labeling him a hater.

Vicky eventually apologized for her comments in another video posted online. "Aye, we just wanna say that we apologize to Snoop Dogg... on behalf of what he said," Vicky said pointing to one of the men who was in the video with her. "'Cause at the end of the day, we respect Snoop Dogg," she added. "He a real OG."

According to Vicky and the man in the video, they were only saying what they had been told to say and were doing it for the camera. Check out Snoop's response and Vicky's original video below.

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