I think it goes without saying, nobody knows “home grown” quite like Snoop Dogg. A name change to “Snoop Lion” wasn’t the only revelation the Doggfather had during his trip to Jamaica. He also plans on establishing a non-profit initiative to establish organic community gardens to grow…. Nope, not that… fresh fruits and vegetables for young children in Jamaica.

He’s teaming up with Causes.com and Reed’s Ginger Brew, a Jamaican based company that produces natural sodas and traditional, healthy Jamaican ginger brews.

“When I went to Jamaica we took time to visit these communities in Kingston and I was deeply affected by the poverty and lack of good food available to the children. No child should go hungry. After all the inspiration Jamaica had provided me, I felt compelled to create a program to give back to the community.”

If anyone knows what hungry feels like, it’s Snoop… can anyone say, “munchies?” The always community-conscious Snoop has already begun work in Kingston.