Super Bowl-winning New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend, and he’s off to a good start with a promo that spoofs ‘The Voice.’

Manning introduces himself, which leads ‘SNL’ actor Jason Sudeikis to push his button and spin around in his big red chair, just like the judges on ‘The Voice.’ “Very good, Eli!,” Sudeikis says. “I want you on my team for ‘SNL.’” He parodies the show’s format by arguing that Manning should choose his team over those of the other actors.

“Kristen Wiig’s gonna try to steal you,” he tells the football star. “But if you go with her, she’s gonna make you wear a dress on the show.” To Sudeikis’ surprise, Manning is excited by that idea and chases after Wiig to join her squad instead.

Manning also films a series of clips with Kenan Thompson in which Thompson fails to sack the quarterback and injures his shoulder trying to catch one of his passes.

‘Saturday Night Live’ with guest host Eli Manning airs on May 5 at 11:30 PM ET. Another reason to tune in? Rihanna is the musical guest.

The final Season 2 episodes of ‘The Voice’ air on May 8 and 9.

Watch the ‘SNL’ Promo Spoof of ‘The Voice’

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