At 36 years-old, Slim Thug has a lot of wisdom to share and he does it on the song "King," which he just released two videos for. The cut is off the Houston spitter's newest album Hogg Life Vol 4: American King.

In the first clip, Slim shows all of the different ways he gets money outside of rap music. For example, he stands in front of a sign that bears the name of his construction company Boss Life Construction, he gets a haircut in a barber shop that he seemingly owns, and it looks like he dabbles in the restaurant business as well.

Overall, the cut is about Slim realizing that he's older now, and he would rather make his ends legally, as opposed to involving himself in petty crimes.

In the second video — for what could easily be considered a motivational tune — the rap vet brings out the toys, including several pricey cars and a private jet with the words "Bo$$ Life" written on it.

Thug also drives around the city at night, continuing to make his point that he's moved on to bigger and better in terms of making dough.  "No more chasing fiends, I'm chasing my dreams," he rhymes in the song.

You can check out one video above and the other below and you can also purchase Slim's Hogg Life Vol 4: American King album on iTunes.

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