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Tara and Ashley meet Carly Pearce mid-show

Meet Tara & Ashley. During my show last night, I kept seeing a girl flashing a cardboard sign at me, but I couldn’t read it from stage. I finally stopped the show & asked her what it said. “We’ve dated the same guy for 2 years. You saved us!” -Carly Pearce after her show in Albany on Saturday night Instagram

Things for Carly Pearce haven't been easy over the past few years, but while her personal has had as many ups-and-downs as a roller coaster at the Great Escape, her musical career has done anything but take a Desperado Plunge.

In front of a sold-out crowd on Saturday night at the Egg in Albany, the talented country star took the Upstate NY stage armed with an arsenal of hits and compelling, sometimes heartwrenching stories that go behind them.

Pearce's career really started to take off while she was developing a fast-moving relationship with fellow country star Michael Ray that dissolved as quickly as it started.  Pearce and Ray started dating in July of 2018, they were married in October of 2019, and then divorced 8 months later.

But during those trying times, Pearce was able to curate a unique and powerful 'voice' in country music to go along with her already solidified 'sound.'

Her music now is more personal, relatable, and empowering, and judging by Albany's reaction to the songs from her latest album 29:Written in Stone over the weekend, this version of Carly Pearce is a force to be reckoned with.

During her show on Saturday night, Pearce stopped down mid-set to get a closer look at a somewhat disheveled hand-made sign held up by two women in the crowd.

The women holding up the sign below are Tara and Ashley, both from Cohoes.  Appearing as a guest with Chrissy and me in the morning on 1077 WGNA, she told the duo that she was dating a guy for a while before she grew suspicious that he may have been cheating on her.  Trusting her intuition, Tara told us that she reached out to Ashley seeking the truth, and unfortunately, her gut was right.

"She knew who I was, Tara explained, "but she thought I was the crazy ex!"

So the scorned girlfriend and the unsuspecting "other girl"  became fast friends, bonding over music by Pearce, especially her songs about heartache which they would share routinely with one another.

As for the sign, that was Ashely's idea.  "We got a piece of cardboard from a beer box at the bar - and just scribbled some words on it - never in a million years did we think she'd stop the show and take pictures with us!"

But Carly knew that something was special about that ratty old sign and the story behind it - I guess you can call it women's intuition.

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