Fans of Showtime's Dexter will be ecstatic to know that their favorite serial killer - along with much of the original cast -  is coming back for a 9th season.  After an eight year hiatus, Michael C. Hall is back in his familiar role as Dexter, the blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer by night.  Critics and fans will say that the last few seasons left something to be desired, but anticipation for the new season is still very high and most are ready for some new blood. And that's exactly what they'll get.

According to USWeekly Magazine, season 9 titled Dexter: New Blood started shooting back in February and Showtime just  announced the series will debut on Sunday, November 7, at 9PM.

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While the show will pick up where season 8 left off, the 10 episodes of New Blood will feel a bit more rustic than tropical; palm trees replaced by dense forest.

That's because eight years later, is reporting that Dexter has moved out of Florida and into Upstate New York.

According to, "Dexter: New Blood picks up nearly a decade after the widely panned 2013 finale. Veteran character actor Clancy Brown (Carnivale and Billions) will play the revival’s primary antagonist Kurt Caldwell, the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake."

Unfortunately, there isn't an actual Iron Lake in Upstate New York but while it's fictitious in nature, the episodes will presumably feel like its set in our area, perhaps the Catskills or the ADKS.

So that begs the question: If Iron Lake were a real place in Upstate New York, where would it be? May be a little too soon to say but I'd venture a guess that it could possibly be the Lake George or Lake Placid region of Upstate.

We'll just have to wait until November...and follow the blood splatter.

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