I come from the generation of spare the rod spoil the child. Most people born in the 80's are very familiar with this old-school phrase. Apparently, parents have been disciplining children wrong for decades, maybe even centuries.

Parents disciplining their children should avoid spanking, that's according to a new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

According to NEWS 10.

Among the methods not advised: spanking, slapping, insulting and shaming.

Most parents are guilty of using one of these forms of discipline to get rowdy children in line.

The group advises mothers and fathers to use what it calls "healthy forms of discipline."
Those include giving positive reinforcement, setting expectations and limits. This statement is an update of guidance from 1998 that also called for non-physical responses to undesired behavior.

The advice does a good job of telling you what you shouldn't do but is very general with positive ways to discipline children. I think the survey should explain better the reasoning for not using physical discipline.

It is difficult getting children to stay in line without physical force because there are some adults who only respond to physical force, imagine these people as children.

Do you agree or disagree with using physical force to discipline children?

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