Police believe a recent string of shootings are related. The most recent incident occurred around 8pm on Monday night on Fifth Avenue in Troy. Several shots penetrated the building and missed two small children, 6 and 7-years-old, by inches.

This isn’t the first time the building at 151 Fifth was targeted. Multiple rounds were fired at the building on September 3rd. Police are saying the incidents are related to a two-man rivalry. Several tenants believe the violence is a direct result of family members related to the mother of the two young children who were almost struck by Monday’s gunfire, Rose Kelliebrew. Her two teenage nephews have, allegedly, been dealing drugs out of the home that was targeted.

Pastor Willie Bacote made a plea to stop the violence in an online video, posted via the Troy Record, saying “We don’t know what the argument, or the beef, or whatever you want to call it may be, but we are endangering the lives of our little ones, our small ones. My plea to North Central Troy and those that are thugs and think they want to be thugs – please stop.”