We all know that St Paddy's day is about wearing green, catching leprechauns and of course drinking a dangerous amount of green beer. What would March be without something else? I'm talking about the beloved Shamrock Shake!

Be sure to give your liver a break for a few weeks and put some stress on the old pancreas.

You can go the traditional route with the whip cream and the cherry on top if you'd like to. I mean, it's your experience so it's up to you. If you're like me and you want a little mint chocolate chip action then I have a tip for you. It's my treat (pun intended).

The next time you order a Shamrock Shake just order a hot fudge sundae but ask them to throw the fudge in with the shake. It may take the employee a minute or two to process the miracle you are creating but when they do they'll be so jealous that they'll probably make one for themselves immediately.

In case you had no idea, a large Shamrock Shake has about 820 calories in it. By the time you add the Fudge you're easily over 1,000 calories. According to FitDay, if you run 8 miles an hour for 60 minutes you can burn that off.

Oh, and be sure to get a diet soda with it!

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