You might not know the name, but you know the story. Ronald Poppo is the 65 year old homeless man who had his face chewed off by a deranged Rudy Eugene in Miami.

Ronald’s left eye was destroyed in the attack but medical workers are doing their best to restore vision in his right eye. Poppo is aware of the media coverage and wanted to let everyone know he’s doing well. He even asked how his beloved Miami Heat are doing in the NBA Playoffs.

The “after” photo is tough to look at, but a miracle in comparison to the pics released from the crime scene. The man’s face looked like a mushy ball of red goo and plasma. The latest shots make him look like a human being again. Kudos to the staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Trauma Center.

The “zombie attack” was assumed to be a result of Eugene being high on “bath salts”. Autopsy results haven’t come back yet. Several surgeries have to take place before the hospital can explore facial reconstruction options.