The owners of Saratoga's Broadway Deli have been no stranger when it comes to garnering attention-grabbing headlines in the past year or so.  Over time, they've been able to use their restaurant success as a platform to speak out, change the restaurant culture, and give back.

Throughout the pandemic, they've used their social media platforms to discuss ongoing staffing problems within the industry, as well as issues they face during track season when drunken out-of-towners blatantly disrespect their staff and place of business.  Through it all, the management team at this popular deli has maintained a steady clientele, and with an uptick in business, they're once again giving back.

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Last year around the holidays, they offered up free meals to anyone who needed them and while it was difficult to keep up with the growing demand, they made it happen.  And this year, they're doing it again including a whole chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, & gravy.

A recent Facebook post shared hundreds of times stated:

"We don’t care why. We don’t need proof of suffering to do good for people. You’re hungry. Your family is hungry. And we have the means to help alleviate that, at least a little bit. Our year was good because people came out to support us. So now we would like to support those who need it with a nice FREE meal."

And here's what those in need will have to do:

  • The meals are given away in November and December.
  • They will only be doing a single pick-up day per week.
  • Orders can be placed Monday - Saturday for pick up on Sunday between 11 & 5.
  • They'll do additional pick-up days on Thanksgiving Eve (11/24) and Christmas Eve (12/24)
  • Call, leave a name and number, come and pick it up. They can be reached at 518-682-3416 or leave us a message on FB, IG, or Google


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