Have you ever fallen for someone who just didn't feel the same way? British breakout star Sam Smith puts all those feelings into song and shows us just how heartbreaking it can be in his new video for 'Stay With Me.'

Set in London, the 21-year-old singer leaves his place and walks through the streets singing about the person he just fell for the night before -- the one who just didn't return the same sentiment.

"Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one night stand / But I still need love 'cause I'm just man / These nights never seem to go to plan / I don't want you to leave, / Will you hold my hand? / Oh, won't you stay with ME / 'Cause you're all I need / This ain't love, it's clear to see / But darling, stay with me," he sings.

Smith ends up in a white room where he's surrounded by a chorus of singers who add more feelings to the already emotional song. The video also shows cuts of the U.K. native in his bedroom singing by an unmade bed, showing the evidence of what transpired the night before.

Never did we ever see the aftermath of a one night stand get this intense. But hey, when you're in love, these things just happen. And if you're Sam Smith, you belt out a ballad.

'Stay With Me' is off of Smith's upcoming debut, 'The Lonely Hour,' out on May 19.