The rap world seems destined for a royal rumble type fight as more and more potential boxing matches spring up. Inspired by the scheduled fisticuffs Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are preparing to engage in, the new industry call-out is to throw one's hat into the literal ring, with Safaree the latest to join, saying that he's got time to fight Meek Mill in Drake's place.

The Instagram comment, which can be seen above, is the merger of two separate feuds, the first being between Meek Mill and Drake. While tempers have died down from their beef last year, Drake saying at a recent show that he plans to stop performing his Meek diss "Back to Back," a video recently surfaced of Meek saying he'd throw down with Drizzy for a cool $5 million. "Of course I would. We gonna let Nicki [Minaj] be the ring girl. Y’all would come to see that fight, wouldn’t y’all? Y’all’d spend $100 a ticket for that,” he said during a live stream.

Game had a response on IG too, commenting, "I'll beat dat boy ass for free & Nicki can be the get a ring girl [...] Everybody uncle face havin ass." See that below.

Safaree's own history with Meek centers around Nicki, the two now in the same boat as former flames with Nicki's announcement earlier this month that she and Meek had officially split. "Drake Don't got time but I do," Safaree wrote in response to Meek's idea to fight Drake. The Love & Hip Hop star was quick with the jokes following news of the break-up, saying shortly after that he'd be open to reuniting with Minaj.

Time will eventually tell how many of these boxing matches will come to be, though for Breezy and Soulja at least it seems like things are falling into place.

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